Sunday, 29 November 2009

i would really like to fall inlove with someone appropriate now. please,

or do i?

i don't know,
i am a child
at Heart.

and i don't just say that.

i play with toy's
i dress up
i tell myself little story's
i still feel too young for a boyfriend
i still beg for attention by hitting, biting, annoying etc.

i think i'm going to ask people what they think my mental age is,

if you read this, comment saying what you really think don't just say i'm very mature to make me feel better, i think there is a real problem. i will have to see someone about this...


Matthew said...

I'm 17, and i still hit, poke and tease girls to get attention from them. Last weekend I went to clean my room, and ended up spending most of the day playing with lego. You aren't the first who feels like a kid, and you definately won't be the last. Being an adult doesn't look much fun anyway, so you really aren't missing out.

And being mature isn't about how you act, its about knowing what you are doing. Immature people are immature because they don't realise what they are doing. You clearly do know what you're doing, and that just makes you a little bit childish, which isn't a bad thing!