Friday, 31 December 2010

drop the other.

happy new year...
i have choosen tribe as my starting place of 2011 :)
i consider this a wise choice.
and i get to kick start it with some of my new friends :)
everything new.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

probably the best christmas ever...

although far far away from paddy he was still only a phone call away
the presents were all what i wanted...
plus chocolate.
always good.
the thought of paddy in his new onezee and me in mine makes me dream of warm cuddles.
he got me the most awesome hat of an aristocat with gloves attatched
rainbow fury leg warmers from ma and pa, Cheers :)
were them to raves!
vouchers to my fave online shop from my dads famalam (best cosin ever !!!!!)
(and ofc she wrote that last bit ^^)
hippy hoody from nan :D
and a onesee + socks from paddys famalam,
family christmas feeling going round
then i go home and its mine and paddys private crimbo :)
which is more cuddles and warmth
and a couple more presents :)

Friday, 17 December 2010

unexpected outcome

since my phone has broken down i have no brain.
it had my alarm every morning to take my pill.
it has my day to day calender
it has a to do list.
i needs to remember the pill...
this is getting embaressing

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


yesterday i had a moment...
one of those ones were you step out of your life and look at the scene your in
as though watching it through a screen.
everyone decorating the tree
like a family
but they weren't
there my friends...
and i love them.

izz all cooooll

not got any work to worry about...
got some christmas presents to make but thats good fun..
my friends are shining :)
its about that time when most high school friends loose touch a little unless they actually love you
so bassically now i have friends who really love me :)
and a good load of new ones...
i wouldn't say many from college cause i don't think i have really clicked with any of them,
but i have met alot of paddy's friendeeys
and I LUFF THEM!!!
i need to fix my phone...
before i start on one of paddy's presents
cause it helps.
then i need to think of more things for him...
okay well for now i will just put more crap on his walls :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

super epic weekend

i'm off to see paddy's performance tonight :)
and had a super epic weekend :)
happy birthday poppy,
handed in all my coursework for this term,
now i can relax and get ready for christmas
we have just started to decorate our tree :)
i feel like i'm already flourished with gifts though,
new friends, new places to go...
new opportunities etc.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

not to plan.

so it didn't really go to plan.
paddy didn't quite get back in time.
and now i have to go babysitting.
and i look silly cause i've done myself up
all pretty like.
and now i'm just going babysitting.
and i will probably look like a wreck again after
but atleast i get to see paddy then,
i just want a cuddle
and to give him my little monthly present.
that i'm not supposed to do.
cause months don't really mean anything.
they do to me.

happy 3 month :)

christmas is soo close,
basically i'm fine,
i have done all my college work...
i made sure i had this weekend to chill and not have to think about it
it's all due in on monday...
so i can relax knowing its done
and have a nice day with paddy today,
for our 3 month,
even though i accidentally said i would baby sit but only for a couple of hours,
i think he said he would be back at 3...
it's fine,
and it appears to be nice and sunny,
we could go for lunch :D
oh crap i need to apply for my provisional....
i should be learning to drive soon :)
it's my christmas present :)
and i might be getting my mums car,
(shes not allowed to drive any more)
and its awsome cause the number palte is like JRA
and thats jesse's initials
ummmm what else...
need to make more christmas presents...
i can't wait for chhristmas...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


if i wasn't so scared of needles i would look awesome.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


jesse came round to paddy's last night
we had fun :)
jesse knows.
(because she kept seeing kittens)
paddy took me shopping :)
i can't wait till christmas
i have told people that if they don't know what to get me
go to stickyneon on glos rd,
and when i went in with paddy i just had to look at everything
and wish.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


first time, i actually am wearing the pikachu :)
it is the most awsome thing that i have worn.
one day.. i will have one of my own..
and never take it off,
and me a paddy can pika-cuddle
lol gay.