Wednesday, 31 March 2010


last day of school before easter
i swear this year is probably my shittest throughout all of fairfield.
damn, my last year at school is just rubbish?
i want my old fringe back i think
my full fringe,
this ones boring

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


That Feeling Of LOVE
it makes me dream, smile, and wonder
but at the same time repulses me till i feel ill.

wtf charly?

haha twisted freak

-oh and i dyed my hair. :)

sorry its still wet
(Leave in for 15 minutes) NO i will leave it in for hours :D
you can't tell me what to do :)

Monday, 29 March 2010


oooh, ✐
i got a rocket,
oooh, ✈
your going on it
your never coming back :)

<--click little rocket :D

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cocktails :)

i have decided i now REALLY love cocktails :)

and i love my new
Happy Hour kit :)
and would like a cocktail party :)
with all my girliest friends.
were we all wear summer dresses
and those huge sunglasses
and sip cocktails
60's like, :)

upside down

i am having a upside down day
things for some reason keep hinting towards that word
and feeling


now i have to make a video promoting Graffiti (or street art)

i was thinking classic Tutu&Pyjamas production :)


Wednesday, 24 March 2010


i haven;t been writing much,
i'm not going to write down the negative things as much now,

today i had to go to this Take5 thing at St mary Redcliffe to day Whole day of english
then i had a Skins Audition after school the lady was so lovely :)
and don't tell anyone but i stole this cute little pinnie from Drama dress up box,
no-one ever used it and it was getting trashed being kicked around on the floor :)
its so cute
makes me want to be a waitress all the more :D


Saturday, 20 March 2010

it wasn't all for nothing, things have changed inside, but i still feel sad

i'm not sad
i'm not allowed to be
but can i please leave now?
it's getting too much
and no change.
i try to change
but the fact its always the same around me
doesn't help.

but okay.
i think i'm in trouble here ):
they make it so Fucking hard to smile.

i thought i could just tell myself to be happy,
look at the brighter side of life.
i feel ill ):

sorry tabi ):
but Warewolf (cocorosie)
is my new fave.
it's keeping me strong

Thursday, 18 March 2010

what to do with my new life?

this morning i woke feeling different
its like i didn't know were i was
were anything was in my house
like i was a stranger staying here
and i looked in the mirror
and i'm sure something has changed
i can see me
but i had to double take on myself?

i suppose this is like giving me a new start.
what to do with my new life?

AND i'm going to be happy
because i'm sadd all the time
and someone who goes through shit and smiles
is stronger than someone who brakes down.
lets see what happens

Monday, 15 March 2010

ThankYou Tabi :)

you have made my day

no my Life!!!!!

Sunday, 14 March 2010


'jeannie party' again
at first it was fine
kind of the same as all the other times.
but i thought i would give it a go.
haven't been in a while
(cause you always fuck right infront of me and its disturbing)
and it was okay at first then half way through all lights back on
and the boys just went to play Xbox ?!
jasper wouldn't look me in the eye as well as talk to me.
bessie was sick
then jeannie just goes up to tom(whos playing Xbox) and says 5 minutes babe okaay?
tom grunted and didn't avert his eyes from the screen
jeannie went upstairs
everyone just looked shocked at tom and was like Wtf?
"so you guys are just mindless fucking now?"
tom went for his 'Duties'
and everyone kept saying
'I wander what there doing now?'
made me feels ill
so i just tried to go to sleep.

(8)Twice I Turn My Back On You(8)

(CLICK> Twice - Little Dragon < So Lovely Please listen.
it's mothers day.
i got my mum a little teapot and a tea cup that fit together cause she loves tea in the morning.
i made her a card.
in the shape of the word MUM

-she doesn't deserve it.
not after last night.
i recorded her.
i recorded when she told me to leave.
i recorded when she shouted at me
i recorded when she pushed me
i recorded when she hit me
i recorded when she tried to hurt dad with a screwdriver
i recorded when she tried to hurt me with a screwdriver
i recorded when she slammed my hand in the door
when she cried
when i cried
when dad was too scared to go near her
when she said she was moving out
when she admitted to cheating on my dad
when she blamed everyone else
but herself.

but apparently this morning everything is fine again.
and she wants her present.

Monday, 8 March 2010


panda hat, new panda hat.
£4.85 from hong kong EBAY :)
got some money from baby-sitting :)
my dad got an iphone :)
because his contract lets him have a new phone every 2 years,
i get his old one seeing as i have had mine for about 4 years and i now slowly dying,

and i think i should start some new stuff,
new charly
all my old messages i saved on my old phone got deleted ):
so it can be the mark to change
i am a blank canvas,
i will still keep alot of the things i wanted to do
but i will make sure i do them
like the summer video tess..
and Revision!
i will stop chasing people just so i don't have to do revision.
i will try
maybe a bit late
but atleast not too late

and hopefully mum will be new too
hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Friday, 5 March 2010

i tried.

thankyou ngaio for a lovely meal out
sorry for being so cheap

what is wrong with me?
as soon as i parted from them,
just tears,
down my face.

and so when i get in,
i can't look my dad in the eye
i just have to run upstairs
he knew anyway
and he always thinks theirs something wrong.

i can't even ask myself if theirs something wrong.

just. Charly your so fucked up

well done me.

you idiot.


he was amazing
he is amazing
and he is my favorite magic man/illusionist/person

busy again :O

everything at once all over again
maths exam,
ngaio's dinner
Alice in wonderland

i know there all(except maths)
really fun things
but then the one not fun thing(maths)
the important thing
will probably get jeopardized for it
i should probably stop this sleep depriving thing.

&& i have finished my Resistant Materials coursework
drama :S not so done
stupid computer

maths exam monday
should i really go out sunday night :S
its not a late one
finishes at 12
get to see tom and kai :D
thats the main reason i'm going

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


(Ngaio's Vagina Mouth)

i always have something to say
i can never just keep my mouth shut
i wish i could go sit on my own in the corner and be my own best friend
atleast i can be loyal to myself
and i could make brilliant stories
and live in them
i cold be who i wanted
and no-one can complain
or have another opinion
or argue
because its just me.

Monday, 1 March 2010

i think i will make and sell some tie dye teeshirts
anyone want one? only £7

me and jesse talkid for like almost an hour just on the corner :)
cause it was real.
not forced, or awkward
just lovely

-thankyou ngaio i love her.

if you be my star i'll be your sky,
you can hide underneath me and come out at night,
when i turn jet black and you show off your light,
i live to let you shine,
but you can sky rocket away from me,
and never come back if you find another gal-exy
far from here, with no-were to fly,
just leave me your star dust to remember you by. (L)

(my camera batterys out, but i still look the same don't worry)