Saturday, 7 April 2012

iPhone blogging??

So I realise I'm a lazy fook and havent been posting anything for ages... So I got blogger for my iPhone, might help, but still I'm doing okay at life and when when I am enjoying it I feel less need to moan about it...
But just to update you...
Me and paddy are happy, he's been helping me with my circomedia audition in 2 Two days, I'm working in a nice pub and earning lots of money, photography course is going well for me, I'm getting good grades,
I think I might be anaemic though again, getting very tired easily and not feeling right..
Anyway I'm getting really bored of talking about my life im going to go live in it.. Ciao.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

yeah i'm fine

ready to take driving test now,
just got to get round to that...

found out all my photo's i have taken(in the last year or more)
have been set to low resolution.

applying for circomedia next year

paddy's a babe,

mums on detox.
proud of her.

more bonding time with dad.
going to see films, circus things and laurel and hardy :)

dreams are strange but amazing.

clothing of choice

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tea for one.

its just noramlly when i'm feeling rubbish paddy is like my super man and he makes me feel all better and makes me tea and cuddles me but he kind of just left me here and went home... he did offer me to come to his house but you know when your just feeling really uncomfortable and need to be at home...?