Wednesday, 30 November 2011

weirdest fucking day D:

okay so my life isn't that interesting these days so much that i need to post anythiing

but today i NEED to post...


okay so firstly i'm ill (no need to go into detail)
and i'm supped to be going on a protest with judy (paddy's mum)
and so after feeling a bit better i gather my stuff and my camera
then i check and my camera has still got loads of stuff on it from last time
ao i go to upload it so i can clear the card to use today
but my computer is being shit and not uploading!
so i'm already pissed off and ill
i get a call from judy saying they finished the march but there will be talks for the next hour-ish
so i run for a bus and one doesn't come for ages!!
i get on a bus eventually and relax a little.
then the bus stops half way and the driver turns the enginge off and gets out,
so i ask "does this bus carry onto the center?"
and the bus driver if foreign and just says yes?
he goes off smoking and chatting loudly to his bus driver friends ina different language,
so i wait on the bus for like 15 minutes unitll another bus driver come along and says this bus is finished...
so i have to walk up to college green,
i get there and no-one there?
i call judy and she says "oh its castle park not college green"
so i walk there all miffed and find judy and everyone is pretty much going home
so i feel really stupid turning up to a prostest that has finished
and without my camera
and judy must be thinking what the point of me coming was?
but i helped her pack up and carry stuff back to her work and put it all away
and i carried on my way home thinking what a strange day it had been...
i purposly didn't get a bus!!!
i hadn't eaten all day so i stopped in the chicken shop for a special treat, and the guy said it will take 5 minutes there just cooking up some fresh stuff,
the first guy thats comes in is a little dodgey looking,
eyeing me up and down,
he keeps talking at me
"alright lurv" & "your very pretty aren't yah!!"
i ignore him and don't make eye contact,
"it's not illegal to talk you know?" he says
and i can feel him staring at me,
and as he leaves he says "alright nice talking to you"
me and the guy behind the counter give each other a weird look,
then as soon as that guy leaves another guy comes in
starts laying out all this tatty jewelry and (blatantly stolen) clothing on the counter
he just goes "£30 the lot"
and keeps trying to haggle the man behind the counter is just saying "no thanks..."
and after trying for like 5 minutes he starts just ranting saying "GOD what a fucking shame"
and "well fuck this then"
"i try to be nice but fuckk you"
and storms out...
i take my chicken and leave...
i'm going home!!!!
and not doing anything for the rest of the day!!!!
to fucking weird.

Monday, 28 November 2011

:( :S

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

hair cut...

what do you think?

sorry for using pictures of you tabi, but you are famous for your super hair, and i want!!!!


my bracelet rash thing has gone down enough for me to actually let it be seen,
but why would i show you anyway?
cause i'm gross :D
dig in.


this is not my hat.

the bandage is for my horrible arm disease accumulated by my bracelets.

i love this hood.
poppy let me have it? :D


i know it's late, but i didn't actually make my pumpkin till after halloween anyway,
i was working halloween night and i'm prob too old for trick or treating.
on the saturday though we went to bambi legs halloween at black swan,
still no tribe of frog because lakota is still down,
it was awesome though,
yes i was a little under the influence and a bit more than naturally happy...
but there was this wicked band called Slamboree which just did it for me,
they combine awesome dancey dubstep with CIRCUS yes CIRCUS
can't believe my luck :) paddy and abra were asked to perform on stage too as that is there thing :D

Monday, 14 November 2011

goodbye bracelets D:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


this is my new Russ Troll :D
he is the first to my collection.
i saw him in a charity shop with two others about a week ago,
there was him, his twin (pink hair white sailor suit)
and a little hippy one with a could of beady dreads,
i obv instantly fell inlove with the dread one but sadly when i went in today he had been sold,
so i got geen hair'd sailor troll and when i get a bit more money i will buy his twin :D
and i collect them now.
and there is a clown one i am bidding on atm on ebay :D