Tuesday, 20 September 2011

pikachu of my own

i finally have a pikachu suit of my own that i can wear WHENEVER i want and not smoke and get blim holes in :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011


i haven'e been blogging cause i've been having an
summer :)
best ever.

yesterday was mine and paddy's 1 year anniversary :)
we went to ZULU'S and had some crazy burgers with ostrich and water buffalo
and it feels great to be just as inlove as when we started,
i made him the gay-est video ever :)
all them pictures of us in a big gay slideshow with some gay music and such :)
he loved it though...
what a big gay.

and last week was my birthday :)
i am 18
i can do anything i want :)
i can use my REAL ID
it feels good,

i'm going for a lovely family meal tonight with mine and paddy's family
to the WATER SKY big posh chinese restaurant :)

and i am preparing for my big birthday party next weekend,
it's Circus time :)