Monday, 29 June 2009


owe owe owe oweeeeee

pain pain ache 
and the reason for this is my hamble family party every year,
last weekend weather forecast: STORMEEY
actual weather: HOT and sunny slight un-noticeable drizzle
activities including: zip wire, tree houseeyness, woobbly bridge, fire, BBQ, lunch, meeting about 100 people (my rather large mum side of the family), canoeing(and almost sinking) croquet, frisbee, ball games, drinking (getting drunk) PIMMS! :D and a load more.
and this is all at my aunty's 11/4 akr place 


but now not so much

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


i know a lovely person by the name of dom, 
he is my heart ache, but still he has social retardness so we haven't been speaking much but last night and today he has gone back to being his own lovely self if not better :) and i do love him for it



Tuesday: its a time for sunglasses



it was a little awkward at school but still just as boring, D: 
after school i went to jesse's we played swingball and computerd and Lots of photos :D


Sunday, 21 June 2009


sunday morning.
and i am the most awake. despite my picture im in Leicester visiting my dad's family it's fathers day btw and i haven't yet got my dad a present i'm thinking of making him something.
tomorrow (Monday)  is my maths exam worth 25% of my final GCSE D: revision?.. i think not



today i was supposed to be going camping with the awsome 4som, but i blanked out at last minute lonely, and i felt like i had been messed about, they kept ringing and texting saying we will be round at this time, actually going to be late actually we will meet you down there i would of been on my own aswell me being the only one without a partner :S it didn't sound too fun, i'm going to Leicester instead. with dad.


win win

today jesse won D:
if you don't understand me and jesse have a game wear we walk to school every morning and who ever gets there first wins if you win 3 times in a row, you have to buy a kitkat for the other :) i almost Always win except today she was just stood leaning against the lamp post looking like she had been there for ever when i know she probably just got there 


me and jesse went to see our school production of WIZ jeannie was there, various school people were there and... JOE my first ever crush and he is Oof :D which feels weird saying that because i knew him since year 1 :S :) but i got his number :)


tired eyes

Bright Eyes tired, and late for everything woke up with jesse though





Monday, 15 June 2009

come with me my love, 
to the sea, the sea of love, 
i wanna tell you how much, 
i love you...
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
the weekend didn't exactly go to plan..  friday night i was alone the was expected still lonely though, saturday it was going to be the awsome 4som going to St W fair we had been planning it for Ages :) it was to kick start our summer, i was oh so exited i text jesse when i woke (12ish) and she repliedi'm not going today, im getting my ear's pierced then i'm going to spend time with david. D: i was a little crushed so i text jeannie saying sorry the sleep-overs off it would be awkward with just me, jeannie and tom, so instead i went to the fair with mum and dad :/ i did meet ruby there, and yazmine i invited ruby round and yazmine sort-of invited herself round, tess came over and jeannie came i invited my mate jake aswell but him and tom don't get along i didn't actually invite tom but jeannie did (i hate it when she presumes she can just bring him) so i had to un-invite jake D: then yazmine and ruby asked tom if he would be uncomfortable if we invited jake round next thing i knew jeannie comes up to me sayingOkay well if jakes coming round Were Leaving. i just looked blank and said:They only asked?!! anyway they went off back to toms they were being rather anti-social anyway just making out in the corner, so in the end jake came round with his mate luke (the one that yazmine had a thing with) yazmine and luke went under the cover on the sofa (Bleeergh) and we (me tess ruby & jake) went on the roof, tess's friend rob lived across the road so we asked him if he wanted to come over, he did for a bit but he had to go and all night jake was Completely Repelled by me Bril

throughout almost the WHOLE of sunday my parents were just throwing things making noise and screaming :/ mum was pissed again and dad wasn't having it, i made dinner for mum to try and calm her down and she just ended up throwing it at dad, S: it got so bad i was crying at jesses answering machine until i couldn't listen anymore i ran off to the park and jesse found me, she took me back to hers, and i stayed there.


Friday, 12 June 2009


the strictness of our school uniform is getting a little out of hand D:
my whole year did a massive protest thing and everyone joined in



jesse was a little busy with david for photo today 
maybe tommorow, 

anyway on an up note i now Have a future!
today in school we had a trip up to UWE and i got careers advice :D
i now know that im going to do a 2 year photography course at collage green :)
i know what i need to do to get there and what i will do when im there:D
horraaay :)


Wednesday, 10 June 2009


rain. walk home. wet!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009


today at school we had work related learning D: YAWN

but then after school, jesse came round about 6ish and we waxed our legs i was being all oh yeah it doesn't hurt then i put it on my leg and i just felt its warm sticky pain, like if you get chewing gum in your hair D: and RIP! D: owwwwwi owwwwwi owwwwwi D: and there not even that smooth :/ oh well ile use dads electric shaver :D


Monday, 8 June 2009

long time no see

so it's been a while.
and nothings changed, i feel a little lonely-er mostly because everyone around me are in deep meaningful relationships and im just not into that D:

but it is OFFICIALLY summer :)
makes me feel a little better

my friends have a little pak, were called Charly's Awsome 4som (charly not included) which basically means Jesse, david Jeannie and tom are the 4som and i own them sort-of, it's odd we also added the Ki expansion pack and buy 1 get tess free but they don't join us as much,

we have weekends together they were round earlier except david because he's grounded (lol so childish) we sat on my roof, and ate sweets i was accused of flirting D: with tom :S me and tom used to have a thing before jeannie but i cut it off because i don't like boys atm :) which is ok :)

my dad just got back from L.A or lala land i like to call it, i got this funky stripey top with ike a rainbow skull hood :D and a stewie (family guy) tee :):):):):):):):)

my brother's gone to Brazil traveling, ive adopted his room for a month or two, mines too depressing D: it's nice though he has the attic so i can escape to the roof :) 

i had work experience, at Aardman animations, made a little movie ile send the link when i upload :) 

nothing too interesting,
but it's something..