Saturday, 27 November 2010

heres from last night.

tribe of frog

paddy's sleeping!
and were supposed to be going to tribe soon!
and he wont wake up
i even put a cold glass on his bare back and he just sat up and gave me a really evil look then went back to sleep.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

happy birthday daddy.

its my dads birthday but he's at work till likke 7!
so i have been at paddy's with ruby :)
yesterday was the protest against raising uni fee's etc.
i didn't mean to but i joined in and marched with them for a bit,
then i kind of got trapped with them cause the police closed us in...
i had not much to do anyway,
it's quite fun to see how a large ammount of people can actually over rule anything
they can close of roads, jump on cars, and for some, punch horses.
and i'm not even going to uni...
or get EMA..?


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas List:

(click to view)


2.Panda Hoody from Pulp(in cabot circus)

3.Lion Hat and matching lion gloves(pink lemons or re-phsyco on glos. rd)

4.rainbow furry leg warmers (BlueBanana) tail

6.bunny hat with LARGE floppy ears.

7.pikachu onesie

stickyneon please

i dyed my hair with roooooby :)
its quite rusty red
i was going for ginger...
it's fine

and i need a slap for spending lots of money....
money i should be saving.

i might just give in to my saved up money and buy all those little things that i have always wanted...
i'mm wait till after christmas see what happens...
infact i'm going to make a christmas list
but if anyones stuck for choosing me a present Anything from StickyNeon(on glos. rd) would be just gurt ta x :D

Thursday, 18 November 2010


i tried to dye my hair red today..
but ended up throwing the dye at my mum.
she pissed me off
but i don't care cause i put my hair up to do it in sections but stormed off with it still in clips and max said it looked nice....
he never complimetns me..
so i kept it up.
and then went to se tim minchin :D
i had a chance to talk to him after the show,
but i just went all pink and shy.
but we did exchange big smiles...
i like to think that means we are now married.

my hair looking nice... i wish you could see it in these pictures...

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

coffee or tea.

jesse and co are coming here this weekend i think,
i have a studio set up in my dining room.
were going to do a shoot.
a little different to normal.
maybe i will put some pictures up...
depending on how appropriate they are ;)

today i fell asleep in the bath...
i think less late nights...
i don't need to see a new film every night paddy :)
i wouldn't mind just talking...
thats night was lovely,
and if it takes us to consume illegal things to get there,
then lets overdose?

Friday, 12 November 2010


i have been practising..

Thursday, 11 November 2010


even waisting time with you feels worth while.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


i finally re-bleached my hair :)
thanks god!
i looked terrible.
and i have applied for a job in Primark :)
i know it sounds bad,
but actually...
i think it would be cool
the clothes are okay
its relatively close,
and i get first pickings on ALL ONEZEEEEES

Thursday, 4 November 2010


dads trying to make me feel bad for not being at home...
i hate it.
he know's why i'm not at home!!
it' not my fault!
anyway it was quite nice to all have food together, paddy too
i should get some work done in my wee bit of free time...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


i woke up today with the biggest smile...
i don't remember my dreams exactly but i kept waking up every couple of hours with a lovely warm happy feeling,
yet as i got through college i just got tired and achey
i think i fell asleep aswell
i haven't been feeling right...
i feel a little bit like i'm high...
but a bit scarier,
and more just mentally ill

i finished college at 6...
i didin't realise how fucking dark it was at 6!
i really wanted to see paddy..
but didn't want to walk through stokes croft on my own in the dark so i rang home but dad was taking mum to the dentist...
he said he would pick me up on the way
so i sat in the car for about an hour outside the dentist
and i only just got home now... at 8
paddy's gone now...
i feel silly that i cried...
but everything just seemed to of gone wrong...
and after a shitty day at college i just wanted a cuddle.
and a paddy cuddle would of been perfect...
i was even wearing his teeshirt
and hoody
and hat...
i think i might just go to bed...