Friday, 30 October 2009

Max WTF?!

my brother is being such a self centered Arrogant Twat right now,

and has just made this a fucking horrible day for me,
Firstly he brought back a load of girls and they were all squealing up and down the stairs at 5 in the morning woke everyone,
i was in a bad mood being woken i had a go at him telling him to move out and do something with his life or just be stuck £400 in dept and still living with mum & dad
it would be fine if he brought back girls to HIS own place
but not when you live with your dad who has to get up for work 3 hours later
and his little sister who is hormone City right now!!
mum was up at that time anyway mums bedtime is usually about 7 in the morning till about 2
and i am sooooo stressed with all this drama corsework
mum told us to clean the kitchen
i was really not up for that
i had drama to type up
but still i gritted my teeth and tried to get on with it,
max had a strop and decided to just watch cartoons(being 19 and all)
so mum had a go at him
and he finely came down to do the dishwasher
then started taking the piss out of me!
i did nothing to him he was just like
"wooooo charly your moody today"
well done max you have pointed out the obvious
and was really just prodding and provoking me
i just stormed out,
he tried to trip me up and then just carried on laughing at me D:
Real Mature there.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The world and their boyfriends are on holiday [Together]...

Today has been

but i'm surprised i even left my bed

Tess is/was in barcelona with Dom and various others,

jess took david on holiday
she doesn't go out anymore anyway
atleast not with me

The world and their boyfriends are on holiday...

and i can't help what other people feel i just wish they would think about how they effect other people. and maybe respect that.

i had a whole touching story to write about but i don't want to waist your time, Mr Nobody?

Monday, 26 October 2009

don't love me please

he comes up to me and holds my hand, then if i let go he says "Oh ouch" then he looks at me and makes a kissy noise and i walk off (he says Ouch again) then he comes over to me again and does it again and its annoying then he has really awkward convosations like "hey charly don't you hate it when you like someone and they don't notice"

im sorry that i don't like you but please go away!

i want what i can't have.
i have the worse case of that EVER,
i don't think i would ever be happy with someone unless they showed me no love at all

Sunday, 25 October 2009

back to black

i often show my mood through clothes
and i have been wearing black recently :/
i don't even notice it its just get up find something put it on but it always relates to my mood

i'm very ungrateful btw,
ungrateful when i say i don't have many friends at the moment
ungrateful when i say im really unattractive
ungrateful when im sad
ungrateful when im not in the mood
ungrateful when people show me love and i ignore them D:

maybe i'm being ungrateful just complaining about it.

Stupid me

Friday, 16 October 2009

when i have a boyfriend i can imagine him...

he will be perfect,
he doesn't make stupid sexist jokes with his mates
we wont argue all the time
he will get on with all my friends
he will be there when i don't want to be here.
he wont be sex driven
& he wont be the sort-of person who would go out with anyone
i will be special to him
And he will be my everything.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Art today all day, Btec class
had a glitter fight with yazmine Hah
came home at lunch didn't feel too good
slept all day untill dinner
pork chops (L)

i would like to buy some pretty nose rings/studs :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Zach Braff(J.D from scrubs) isn't Dead :D yay

there were roomers that he had
i had my Cervical Cancer jab today Ouch it still hurts D:

and mum is still not talking to me,

staying at tess's tomorrow :)
it would be nice to get away from here,

Dad on anti depressants now,
Well done mum

Sunday, 11 October 2009

not tonight, no not tonight

potato wedges and a green tea (Y)


& a plaster on my nose, to stop the stud falling out in bed,

would like to go launderette?
dads busy
not on talking terms with mum
not allowed on my own D:

Friday, 9 October 2009


halloween :)

i will be a skeleton, because well, it what best suits me, i am too thin D:

but for my birthday i did get a bones top so that and some skele tights, and a skirt?
i want to buy a big suit, they have them in blue banana but its alot of money to wear once,
and i can't wait to decorate :D

& have a party

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

had a third hole put in my nose :)

see picture VVV
it didn't hurt at all, i was just really scared for hours before of it hurting
Bravee mee
now i just have to keep it in and wear plasters when i sleep and not sneeze :)

so... schools getting harder, but at-least I'm trying to learn it's so hard when half the class can't be bummed , :/

have not much homework cause i picked all practical lessons just a bit of learning lines or drawing :)
& i already know what collage to go to,
and im all on target just a little bit of improving to boost myself,
Average student.

with cool nose bling as my mum calls it
but she doesn't like it,
she just called me a chav
and when i said i wanted a ring she called me a pig, :/
dads home from germany though :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

my weekend

fun pack sweets,

limeade mixer
15p hamburger flavor crisps
being responsible
& irresponsible


Jeannies birthday party 09 xx