Friday, 20 November 2009

Feels all Horrible And Shakeey ):

craigs back, :)
hes in bristol idn how long for i haven't seen him yet. :/
after school jess said she would ring me,
so i could come pick him up with her,
she didn't,
so i got a call at about 9:30 saying what shall we do?
i text back shortly after saying want to come to mine?
(cause mum wasn't bright on the idea of me going out)
she replied their staying at toms i can come if i like,
i had an argument with mum about how i'm 16 now and i can go out
had a cry
then eventually mum said
if i would clean my room
the bathroom,
living room
and kitchen
super speedy i could,
i did.
(mum was not within drinking limits)
so i text asking if they could come and meet me,
(not allowed on my own)
(wouldn't want to anyway their have been some dodgy things)

no. sorry too lazy.

night gone.