Tuesday, 25 October 2011

like my pikachu bag?


-my panda onesie came through in the post :)
cosy again.
i now have 10 onesies.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


if your wandering how my days are going recently
college work
college work
(possible drawing)
college work
college work
more food
college work
(paddy comes home)
college work
(bit of computer/tv time)

-and thats on a non college day.
because college day's are taken up by cycling all the way into college to be told shit we already know look at each others pictures then sent home again...
and if we want help we have to beg for our teachers attention that he will only give us if he's not rushing off home early and makes us feel like were 'waisting' his time...
hes a nice guy just aah.

-hey check out mis MEGAroots atm.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

lesser and lesser updates.

i haven't writen a blog in ages...
can't explain it except maybe how busy i have been,
don't know next time i will be back so...
here we go:

college: super crazy, so much work, no help but thats the point, supposed to be able to do it myself... but its just too much, maybe if i had nothing else going on like shit home life etc. i would be able to get it done at a good standerd

home life: shit as above... mum is not only a raging alcoholic but she's also now got mental problems and is growing more and more disabled... i can't spend more than 10 minutes in a room with her. and thats hard when she follows me around.

paddy: lovely, beautiful, what less could he be? when i can eat again were going to cosmo's for all you can eat, then to watch a film. :) can't wait!

(why i can't eat: took too many drugs, chewed up my mouth, haven't been able to eat for like days!!! lost weight now my tight trousers are a little loose.

friends: they are lushtingzzzz, just been olivia's birthday house party(were i chewed up my face) that was hilerious, tess n olivia are such my girlies and olivia looks HAWT in nipple tassles, and even hotter with one fallen off ;D

and i am all into circus now. want to do circus everything. specially circus photography.