Friday, 6 November 2009

The Sky Is Crying, ):

as soon as i try to write my blog it rained, Alot, it is raining
i just woke up today was:
home (no-one is here? i may as-well relax)
ended up falling asleep! (Dreamt of this guy i know it wasn't a particularly positive dream in my favor, but i shouldn't be dreaming of him i have known him for a while and i would really like to get to know him better but im sure i don't mean in the Dreamy kind of way?)
woke up at like 6/7 oh crap i was supposed to go to jeannie's, text her apologizing, but i couldn't leave anyway until dad got back...
fell asleep Straight away!!! what is wrung?
woke up at 9 dads head peered round the door i was all disorientated i thought i was late for school!! i got up in a rush my leg hurts (Earlier P.E incident Hah i jumped on bessie) got up went to see mum got shouted at for about half an hour (don't ask me what for) got some useful out of her, dad has gone out with my brother to see a band,

i hope i don't have feelings for this guy, i know i go all stupid and obsess. :/