Thursday, 28 July 2011

hair done

and i'm ready for womad :D

Hair Dye And Wax

me and tess are getting ready for womad,
and dying my hair :)
i will dye tess' hair another time when she's allowed :D
were so exited about womad :D

Monday, 25 July 2011

This Summer:

so far:
SunRise Festival,
Free Party's,

Womad festi (including Tess' birthday)
Boomtown festi
(maybe)Green Man festi
Shambala festi
TribeOfFrog back :D

-frosty made me a hat to match my onesie. :D

Saturday, 23 July 2011

my drawings

Sunday, 17 July 2011


i'm staying away from home.
i don't want to be in a repetetive cycle of depression.
see the problem is mum when she drinks.
because she's an alcoholic.
she turn into a horrible person
and fucks up everyone.
she starts drinking about the time when dad gets home from work
so dad doesn't get to see the sober mum.
and me and dad get the worst of it,
max is usually off with mates or in his room in the attic.

but i've had enough.
i'm staying away.
it's a shame cause i love spending time with my dad.
but he's either busy, arguing with mum,
or i'm not allowed to be his friend cause mum gets jealous!!

the other night,
the last night i stayed at home
i really was not up for one of mums drunken episodes
so when she went
"oh dave you couldn't pop down the shop and get us a bottle could yah."
so i said
"oh PLEASE! just this one night can you just NOT!!"
but he did.
he came back and i just said
"please don't give her that, please don't fuel her addiction?!!"
and he didn't really say much.
so i left.

-i get the pleasure of watching paddy play on the wii,

Saturday, 16 July 2011


i have been using this alot less...
seems that i never remember what i do...
i always do awesome things and go CAN'T WAIT TO RIGHT THIS IN MY BLOG
then nothing?
don't rememeber...
i have been having fun though...
what can i remember recently?
josh's birthday... that was good.
hired out lakota and decorated it up :D
went to a free party in the middle of no-were
in the middle of bath :D
with tess
it was awesome!
in an abandoned mine.
so it was creepy and dark and underground..
they had a huge set up.
was fucking ace.
and a big corn field next door that was really high
so you could run through it and pretty much just dive into it
and fall over all over the place and it was lursh.
me and paddy are so lovey :)
it feels like still fresh.
and romantic aswell.
even though he has just got a wii >.>
it's fine because whenever he plays on his wii i draw.
and i am pretty proud. i have been improving.
i will post them up soon