Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dinner with Ngaio, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's with ngaio, alice and stella.
and tomorrow ngaio is going on a date with my brother...
hehe :)
but max has been so annoying
and so un-helpful today!!
i could of got so much done,
i was going to do a little shopping,
clean out my gerbil,
finish my essay
then dinner with ngaio,
(i bought pudding :)
but thanks to max's all day binge playing some stupid football game
and then just the point i needed to work on the computer going to play some online facebook card game..?
and i had to hide in the toilet for like a half hour cause i wanted some pepsi
but max had it
and when i asked for some he started to down the bottle
so i went to take it from him,
he flinched
and poured it all over his face...
soo he started chasing me upstairs,
i managed to lock myself in the loo before he could do any real harm,
but then obviously he went into my room and messed some stuff up,
anyway i had a little cry in the loo for a bit,
pathetic little me,
wasn't just down to max
i had other things in mind,
anyway i didn't even finish cleaning out mushroom's cage,
and had to have a super quick shower before popping off to ngaios's