Wednesday, 23 March 2011

its been a while...
i have been busy...
i have so much work to do,
and i'm supposed to be in college now,
but someone took my electric bike off charge,
and that things too heavy to cycle without battery
i only have a two hour day today
but i normally stay till like 5
cause i can't get work done at home,
so i will go in at like 10.30 or 11 and stay all day,
put my bike on charge for a while,
i am getting stressed with work
and i'm worried i might start taking it out on people at home,
like yesterday,..
after college i went to pick up paddy from his college on my way home
and he had alot of stuff with him
i was on my bike
so he asked if i could carry his bag cause he had a guitar on his back,
so i did,
and he had come to college on my scooter so he had that also
and he needed to take his mini amp home
then half way home he asked if he could take the bike up hill to carry his amp,
so i swapped the scooter for the bike
and i carried the scooter cause it was uphill,
that was okay cause i like to be helpfull,
so i carried his bag and scooter and let him take the bike to get up the hill,
then on the last bit of hill up to my house he got me to carry the amp aswell!!!
i looked at him like hes got to be joking!!
he wasn't.
so i carried his amp, his scoooter, his back pack,
and let him electrically ride up the hill...
yes it was only the little last bit of hill
and he did come back a couple of steps after dropping the bike in to take the amp of me
but it just annoyed me a bit,
and i wouldn't of minded cause i thought he would of realised he made me carry all his stuff up the hill
and been like oh thankyou charly
cup of tea?
he's normally good like that,
but then i realised i think i was just having a bad day,
cause normally i would do all that and not even complain...
it was me that was in a bad mood.
so i just went downstairs to cool down and have a glass of water
thinking he would follow.
but he just got his laptop out i the living room and went on facebook...
i'm sorry this annoyed me so much.